Praktica 20-60×77 Waterproof Spotting Scope Review

Praktica introduces this scope made with the fusion of high quality components with the perfect engineering that makes focus easy and also offers smooth zoom transition. Generally speaking the spotting scopes are somewhere in between the binoculars and the telescopes. It is more portable than the telescope and has greater power of magnification than the binoculars. On understanding the expectation of an efficient spotting scope, Praktica worked well to make this product suitable for the people involved in birding, hunting, nature observing, surveillance and sports. In general this is best suited for the outdoor day light observation and only for the terrestrial viewing. Let us know more about Praktica 20-60×77 Angled Waterproof Spotting Scope from the read below.


This model belongs to the angled design the one that needs a little experience to handle but on getting familiar it can take you to the heights of excitement. The black colour housing with the portable size lets you get the best out of it. Praktica 20-60×77 B00514 Spotting Scope weighs 1070 grams which is justifiable to be carried along in a backpack. Getting equipped with such device lets you get the best from observation or hunting experience.

Praktica 20-60×77 Waterproof Spotting Scope


Praktica 20-60×77 Terrestrial Spotting Scope gives a zooming magnification that can be from 20x to 60x which means the magnification can be set to make the viewing object 20 times to 60 times bigger than the original size. This guarantees the view of the rare actions of the wildlife and also the glimpse of the unpredicted nature.


The search for the best scope is based on the size of the aperture. On capturing the images it transforms to vision in a brighter and sharper manner is the function of the aperture. Quite obvious the larger the size the brighter will be the objects. It also has to be understood that the aperture should go hand in hand with the type of application for which the device is been chosen. As stated this aperture level serves great for the general outdoor and some times even the shooting or hunting.

Viewing possibility:

The angle of view at the different zoom level ranges from 1.68 – 0.85 degree and the field of view of the same is 29.3 to 14.8 m at the distance of 1000 m. In case of the close observation it can vision at the minimum distance of 8 metres.

Other product details:

This model is protected against water and fog. It comes with nitrogen fill that does not allow the lens to fog. Well, be it the rain or the storm, it does not affect the scope. It is well protected for the splash, hits and drops with its rubber armouring.


Praktica 20-60×77 Portable Spotting Scope comes in a package containing the scope along with the case, lens caps, cleaning cloth and a guarantee for 2 years.

Praktica 20-60×77 Angled Spotting Scope – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Praktica
Model Name 20-60×77 Angled Waterproof Spotting Scope
Product Code B00514
Aperture 77 mm
Magnification 20 – 60x zoom
Rubber armouring Yes
Weight 1070 grams
Optical coating Fully Multicoated
Relative brightness 14.8 – 1.6
Angular view 1.68 – 0.85 degree
Field of view @ 1000 yards 29.3 to 14.8 m
Close focus 8 m
Application Terrestrial
Tripod compatibility Yes
Included accessories Case, lens caps, cleaning cloth
Guarantee 2 years

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

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