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Yukon 6-100×100 Spotting Scope Review

Yukon 6-100×100 Spotting Scope right from the hands of the professional makers of magnifying products that serves the need of different industry. Yukon is the manufacturers of product range of binoculars, scopes, riflescopes, monocular, digital devices and night vision binoculars. Their up gradation both in terms of technology and design makes it give an outstanding performance. This Spotting Scope forms a group with its high-end products that serve that performs between the binoculars and the telescopes. The following is the review of the same to give you a better know-how about the product.

Yukon 6-100x100 Spotting Scope

Model Overview:

This device at the outset specialises in offering variable magnification effect without the need of changing the eyepiece. In terms of design and the technical aspect of Yukon 6-100×100 Spotting Scope is competitive and keeps it stay a step ahead of the rest. Stylish in design with the angled eyepiece and the compactness keeps it going as desirable.

Design Overview:

The outer body of Yukon 6-100×100 Compact Spotting Scope is rugged and robust which can withstand those casual moments that takes less care on the device. It is compact in structure that can be carried in a pouch or the shoulder bag. Quite obvious is the light weight construction. Without the feel of its weight it can be carried along even while on move or mountaineering. The perfect companion in these aspects. With the combination of quality and comfort this Spotting Scope offers a viewing experience without any fatigue or discomfort. The fact behind its compact structure is because of its dual objective lens that comes with the folded light path making it compact in size and also light in weight.

Magnification and Objective Lens:

Embedded with the objective lens that measures 100mm in diameter. It is been designed to give variable magnification that goes as low as 6x to as high as 100x. By the way this model is been enriched with the ability of viewing both near objects and far off objects which is perfected suited to view moving animals or birds. With the aperture of 100mm the light gathering ability is enormous and that makes the image to be transformed to vision in a brighter and clearer manner. Its variable magnification ranges from linear zooming to the higher zooming. It is possible to shift the light path from one lens to the other by just flipping a switch. Another interesting point to be noted is that its enormous light gathering makes it possible to view in the twilight condition.


With the design that stands to function under any weather conditions and also made to be water proofed. It also shows compatibility to digital camera that offers high powered photography. The tripod assistance offers a hands free and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Included accessories and Warranty:

Offered by the manufacturer along with Yukon 6-100×100 Light weight  Spotting Scope are the accessories 100x Table Top Tripod, Protective Carrying Case, Objective lens covers and Sun shield. The warranty for the limited lifetime is also been given for this device which is another highlight of this product.

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Yukon 6-100×100 Spotting Scope - Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Yukon Optics
Model Name 6-100×100 Spotting Scope
Product Code SKU 21031K
Design Compact and light weight
Magnification 6x - 100x
Aperture 100mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Optical coating Multi-layered coating
Lens type Ocular
Digital camera adaptable Yes
Application Suitable for both long and short distance observation,
late night star gazing
Tripod Yes
Water proof / Resistant Yes
Shock proof Yes
Included accessories 100x Table Top Tripod, Protective Carrying Case,
Objective lens covers and Sun shield
Warranty Limited lifetime
Celestron C50 Mini Mak Spotting Scope

Celestron has rooted itself long back and has celebrated its 50th anniversary in a successful manner. They being the experts in producing the magnifying devices has a category of spotting scopes included in its port folio. Celestron C50 Mini Mak Waterproof Spotting Scope is one among the compact and portable category of devices. The following is the review of the same that helps you further with the details of both technical and functionality.

Model Overview:

This Celestron Spotting Scope being the portable make with the versatility to use in wide applications. If you desire to look for the one that serves both celestial and terrestrial observation then the right catch is here. The sound magnification ability for its compact construction has an edge of the many models available in the market. The structural design is that the length of the optical tube is 254 mm while it weighs mere 770 grams the weight of almost many binoculars. This is quite obvious can be carried along to cherish the observation ability.

Celestron C50 Mini Mak Spotting Scope


The optics falls into the category of Maksutov-Cassegrain type with the optical design of multi-coating. This type gives a compact construction and the lens offer glare free viewing. This also helps to view in bright sunlight or in the dim moon light.


Denoting the diameter of the lens is one among the important factors that determine the quality of the device. The larger is the spec here, the better is the performance. Celestron C50 Mini Maksutov-Cassegrain Spotting Scope states an aperture of 50 mm. It transforms the light to its ability to make the object look clearer.


This denotes the degree to which the viewing object can be enlarged to vision. The power of this device in terms of its magnification is 25x to 75x. This also relates to the clarity of the images as the lower the power the objects come to look brighter and will also have a better eye relief. On the whole, this is an optimised specification.

Focal length:

If you desire to view a long distance objects then the longer is the focal length the better will be the image transmission. With 580 mm as the focal length that denotes the distance in the optical system from the lens to the focus point. This compact model offers a reasonable focal length.

Field of view:

The angular field of view of 1.3 degree to 7 degree and the linear field of view at the distance of 1000 m are 68 ft @ 25x and 35 ft @ 75x. When observing the sky through this device it measures in the degree and once the larger is the view the better will be the distance covered in the comfortable manner. When discussing the close focus it offers about 10 feet close observation and is quite interesting for viewing the moving objects especially during the terrestrial observations.

Eye Relief:

This is one essential fact that has to be looked into while choosing the right scope as with the long eye relief the comfort for the glass wearing eyes can be experienced. This C50 Mini Mak Spotting Scope offers 20mm eye relief that makes it suitable for the spectacle wearers too to use this device without the feel of stress.

Other convenient features:

Celestron C50 Mini Portable Spotting Scope is been designed to be waterproof, it sets the bothered minds free to use it in the outdoor and during the extreme of weather conditions. Quite powerful is this Spotting Scope and in order to use its power comfortable it includes the tabletop tripod and also has built-in panhandle control. Further the built-in zoom eyepiece also offers enhanced magnification of 90 xs. Added to these is the advantage of the no-fault lifetime warranty offered by Celestron and it comes with a soft carrying case to ensure easy mobility with it.

Celestron C50 Mini Mak Waterproof Spotting Scope - Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name C50 Mini Mak Waterproof Spotting Scope
Type / Category Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification 25-75 x
Focal length 580 mm
Control Built-in Pan handle
Aperture 50 mm
Eye piece zooms up to 75x
Optical coating Multicoated
Construction Mini, Portable
Optical tube length 254 mm
Angle 45 degree
Angular field of view 1.3 degree to 7 degree
Linear field of view @ 1000 yards/metres 68 ft @ 25x

35 ft @ 75x

Close focus 10 ft
Camera adaptable Yes
Eye relief 20 mm
Rain guard Yes
Water proof / Fog proof Yes
Rubber armouring Yes
Weight 770 grams
Tripod Yes
Carrying case Yes
Warranty No fault lifetime Warranty
Viking V-50 Spotting Scope

This is one of the brands with more than 2 decades of experience that has grown to market the optical products. Its diversified product segment also includes the scopes made with the must have features for the general and specialised observations. The following is the review of Viking V-50 Black Spotting Scope that is been designed for the general use and also made suitable for the wildlife observation to the aircraft spotting.

Viking V-50 Spotting Scope

Model overview:

With its lightweight construction and the portable design makes an easy carry for the user. It supports the mono-pod and also the hand strap makes it simple to move with this device. This V-50 Spotting Scope measures 240 mm in length that can be fitted in the carry bags. The black attire adds up to its professional appearance that tempts anyone to possess. Talking of its weight that is mere 435 grams is not a guess but can surely not be a botheration.

Aperture and Magnification:

It may not go the right way if the said objective lens diameter is not 50mm, this is one prime reason for gathering more light to brighten up the viewing object. This Viking V-50 Spotting Scope Kit is been specially designed with the zoom function that has the ability to zoom form 10x levels to 35x. The zooming is based on the eye piece adjustments and as desired by the user. In order to observe more in detail the zooming function can be activated or also suitable to view the happenings from farer distance.

Focus Details:

With the central focus system it performs the perfect manner. The close observation can be up to 4m when the zoom is been set at 10x levels. The field of view at the same levels is 2.3 degree and 40m while at 35x zoom it is 1.5 degrees and 27m.

Viking V-50 Spotting Scope with Pouch

Eye relief:

The fact that the user is comfortable irrespective of the spectacle wearers or the naked eye users, the deciding fact is that it is rated based on the eye relief. Viking V-50 Portable Spotting Scope states to have an eye relief of 23mm to 14mm based on the zooming function. However, both these specification shows compatibility to comfort the eyes even with the glasses on. May be this could be the deciding factor and glad that it goes positive, while it does not call for the left turn.

Accessories and Warranty:

The manufacturer of Viking V-50 Zoom Spotting Scope is lavish in offering both the generous accessories and goes the same with the warranty period. The included accessories in the kit are the M-Pod below, holding strap and Padded carrying case, while the available warranty is for 5 long years.

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Viking V-50 Spotting Scope Kit - Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer Viking
Model Name V-50 Spotting Scope
Model number V-50
Dimension 240 mm length
Magnification 10-35x zoom
Aperture 50mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Optical coating Multi-layered coating
Colour Black
Field of view m/1000 40-27 m
Weight 435 grams
Close focus 4m
Eye relief 23mm - 14mm
Waterproof Yes
Compatible with tripod Yes
Type Light weight and portable
Accessories M-Pod below
Holding strap
Padded carrying case
Warranty 5 years
Leica APO Televid 65 Spotting Scope

Leica the maker of this scope introduces it as the nature projects, all in an interesting manner for the user to observe long distance general observation. Right from the beginners to the professional take the assistance of Leica APO-Televid 65 Schmidt Pechan Prism Spotting Scope in their most of the enthusiastic activities.


Leica APO Televid 65 Waterproof Spotting Scope titles as the top class compact device that measures less then 30cm in height. If you belong to the group enthusiastic about the daytime activities of trekking or stalking in the mountains can sacrifice anything to own this model. It is a great performer in terms of  excellent colour fidelity and the contrast levels. This is a straight type of eyepiece while it is also available the angled eyepiece for the same specification.

Leica APO Televid 65 Spotting Scope

Design and Dimension:

This Leica Spotting Scope is highly robust and is been made with the rubber armouring of black colour. Considering its performance and its weight, it can be called as a compact scope with the dimension of 108 x 288 x 83 mm and weight of just 1123 grams. The lens of this scope is been made with four innovative part and they are Multi-layered coating and AquaDura. This increases its performance in the aspects of colour fidelity. The housing is of Die-cast magnesium material, nitrogen filled. This makes it waterproof and shockproof so is its enhanced durability. The water tightness is been said to be up to 5m. The straight eyepiece has a lens hood of type sliding lens hood with sighting aid.

Technical details:

Leica APO Televid 65 Compact Spotting Scope is been designed with the Schmidt Pechan prism system. It offers a precise focusing of Internal focusing with patented dual focusing device. This micro focusing gives you details of every small detail. In case of the magnification, its ability is 25x – 50x with the use of the eyepiece. The objective lens diameter measures about 65mm quite good for the light transmission. In case of the close focus it can handle the distance up to as close as 2.9 m.


It is been embedded with the eyepiece connection of rapid change bayonet. Being compatible with the tripod base of ¼” rotating with locking screw, this allows hands free observation. The filter thread mount available is E67 type. The delivery scope offered by the manufacturer is the eyepiece and the front and rear caps.

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Leica APO Televid 65 Spotting Scope - Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Leica
Model Name APO Televid 65 Spotting Scope
Product Code 40 127
Prism Glass Schmidt Pechan
Magnification 25x to 50x
Aperture 65 mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Optical coating Multi-layered coating and AquaDura
Colour Black
Dimension (H x W x D) 108 x 288 x 83 mm
Weight 1123 grams
Close focus 2.9 m
Eye piece Straight
Water proof Yes
Shock proof Yes
Focusing Internal focusing with patented dual focusing device
Housing Die-cast magnesium material, nitrogen filled
Lens hood Sliding lens hood with sighting aid
Tripod bush / Filter thread mount Yes / E67
Accessories Eyepiece, front and rear caps
Luger XM 12-36x Compact Spotting Scope

Luger XM 12-36x Compact Spotting Scope designed to be a pocket sized appliance comes in a small body measuring the length of 205 mm. It is the one with the light weight construction that weighs as little as 510 grams. Going impressive is Luger XM 12-36x Pocket Spotting Scope with the angled eye piece that gives a comfortable viewing experience. Rightly known as the pocket sized appliance and it can be used to carry along for the long walks with the provided comfort carry pouch. The following is the review that gives a better insight about the product.

Magnification and Objective Lens:

The models in this series are particularly the compact ones with the variable magnification of 12x to 36x. With this advantage the user is at the advantage of adjusting the magnification levels as desired. Really works well to view the long distance objects by enhancing the magnification to the maximum of 36 times. The objective lens diameter of 50mm enhances the light gathering ability to make the objects seem better for the viewers. This specification makes it good for viewing in the bright light conditions rather than the dim lights.

Luger XM 12-36x Compact Spotting Scope

Field of view and the Twilight factor:

Relating the field of view to the performance of the Luger XM 12-36x Waterproof Spotting Scope is that it lets the objects closer and offers a width of 48m to 25m when viewed at the distance of 1000 m. The Twilight factor also supports in making the objects look brighter with its specification of 24.5 to 42.5 based on the magnification level chosen.

Other product specifies:

Made with the rubber armouring and also been specified being water proofed it serves the right use for observing near the water conditions. The lens of Luger XM 12-36x Pocket Size Spotting Scope is fully multi-coated and it transforms flare free images during the observation. Available in it is the pull out sun shield that offers clarity in observation when viewed in the extreme sunlight conditions. Made with the colour combination of green and black is quite common and does not give a unique look. Luger offers this model with the carry pouch that enables easy carry all along for this powerful pocket device.

Luger XM 12-36x Spotting Scope - Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Luger
Model Name XM 12-36x Pocket Spotting Scope
Model number 70-1236×501
Dimension 205 mm length
Magnification 36x
Aperture 50mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Optical coating Multi-layered coating
Colour Black, Green
Field of view m/1000 48-25 m
Weight 510 grams
Twilight factor 24.5 - 42.4
Eye piece Pull out type
Waterproof Yes
Compatible with tripod Yes
Application Distance observation, general observation and birding
Accessories Pouch