Luger XM 12-36x Compact Spotting Scope

Luger XM 12-36x Compact Spotting Scope designed to be a pocket sized appliance comes in a small body measuring the length of 205 mm. It is the one with the light weight construction that weighs as little as 510 grams. Going impressive is Luger XM 12-36x Pocket Spotting Scope with the angled eye piece that gives a comfortable viewing experience. Rightly known as the pocket sized appliance and it can be used to carry along for the long walks with the provided comfort carry pouch. The following is the review that gives a better insight about the product.

Magnification and Objective Lens:

The models in this series are particularly the compact ones with the variable magnification of 12x to 36x. With this advantage the user is at the advantage of adjusting the magnification levels as desired. Really works well to view the long distance objects by enhancing the magnification to the maximum of 36 times. The objective lens diameter of 50mm enhances the light gathering ability to make the objects seem better for the viewers. This specification makes it good for viewing in the bright light conditions rather than the dim lights.

Luger XM 12-36x Compact Spotting Scope

Field of view and the Twilight factor:

Relating the field of view to the performance of the Luger XM 12-36x Waterproof Spotting Scope is that it lets the objects closer and offers a width of 48m to 25m when viewed at the distance of 1000 m. The Twilight factor also supports in making the objects look brighter with its specification of 24.5 to 42.5 based on the magnification level chosen.

Other product specifies:

Made with the rubber armouring and also been specified being water proofed it serves the right use for observing near the water conditions. The lens of Luger XM 12-36x Pocket Size Spotting Scope is fully multi-coated and it transforms flare free images during the observation. Available in it is the pull out sun shield that offers clarity in observation when viewed in the extreme sunlight conditions. Made with the colour combination of green and black is quite common and does not give a unique look. Luger offers this model with the carry pouch that enables easy carry all along for this powerful pocket device.

Luger XM 12-36x Spotting Scope – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Luger
Model Name XM 12-36x Pocket Spotting Scope
Model number 70-1236×501
Dimension 205 mm length
Magnification 36x
Aperture 50mm
Rubber armouring Yes
Optical coating Multi-layered coating
Colour Black, Green
Field of view m/1000 48-25 m
Weight 510 grams
Twilight factor 24.5 – 42.4
Eye piece Pull out type
Waterproof Yes
Compatible with tripod Yes
Application Distance observation, general observation and birding
Accessories Pouch

Friday, March 26th, 2010

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