Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Spotting Scope

Celestron has been constantly introducing new products which make it popular both by brand name and the product wise. Most of its products have set the benchmark and they are categorised in the optical products which features with the magnification. With the aim to bring objects closer and clearer they work to innovative such products with the distinguished features. Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Angled Spotting Scope is one of the finest product which is been reviewed as follows.


There are few special aspects of the models in the series of Regal F-ED. They feature with the air spaced doublet which has an element made from exotic mineral fluorite. The fluorite gives extra low dispersion and hence it provided with great colour correction and also the images are transformed razor sharp. It suits the natural environment and proves to assist best for the outdoor enthusiast. Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Water Proof Spotting Scope has these privileges and much more to discuss.

Type and Design:

This model has grey colour housing with the matte finish. The eye piece is angled and is good for the professional observation. The size is portable with the length of the optical tube as 508mm. This model is been designed with the Refractor type in which lenses are used to support magnification. The prism type is BaK-4 which supports the device in giving the magnification.

Technical Details:

Magnification – The set magnification is variable which can be from 22x to 67x. The highest useful magnification and the lowest useful magnification re 236x and 14x respectively. This magnification can be increased with the help of a powerful eyepiece. This works best for nature observation and also astronomical use.

Aperture – Based on the size of the objective lens the clarity and the brightness of the device. This model measures 100mm as the diameter of the objective lens. The long distance viewing and the observation of planets, the lunar and the star clusters can be viewed with a competitive clarity.

Focal length and Ratio – This device with the focal length of 540mm not only gives the frame for the device as it dictates the length but also supports the magnification aspect. The focal ratio is 5.4.

Other Technical Details:

This model allows the close observation up to 26 feet and hence it makes it suitable for the observation of the moving objects. The light gathering power features with 204x ad the field of view at the distance of 1000m is 108 feet. The eye relief of this model is been accounted to be 20mm which is on the higher side and it gives greater comfort for the users with the eye glasses.

Product Features:

Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Refractor Spotting Scope is been designed with the fully multi coated optics which offer high contrast level. It does come with the angled eyepiece makes it suitable for the zoom observation and the professional handling. The optional eyepiece can be easily attracted for the enhanced magnification effect.

This device is been protected against water and show with its rubber armouring. It is making with the water proof body. The focus system is with the dual knob which sets the sharp and clear focus. The eye cups are designed with the twist up style which is great for the use with or without the eye glasses.

Application, Package and Warranty:

This model suits for wide application like Bird watching, long distance viewing, astronomical observation and nature viewing. It comes in a package which includes a soft carrying case. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is for a no fault life time warranty.

Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Specifications

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name Regal 100 F-ED Spotting Scope
Product Code 52303
Design Refractor
Magnification 22x – 67x
Aperture 100 mm
Prism BaK-4
Focal length 540 mm
Eyepiece Angled
Eye relief 20mm
Near focus 26 feet
Optical tube length 20 inches
Optical coating Multi coated
Weight 2523 grams
Application Bird watching, long distance viewing, astronomical
observation and nature viewing
Warranty Life time

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

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