Celestron C70 Mini Mak Spotting Scope

Going by what the customers expect of the magnifying companies new products are at constant introduction. Celestron the leading brand brings in new turns at regular intervals each time with new product that pulls the market. Celestron C70 Mini Mak Compact 52238 Spotting Scope is another interesting idea of combining the compactness in structure yet [...]

Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Spotting Scope

Celestron has been constantly introducing new products which make it popular both by brand name and the product wise. Most of its products have set the benchmark and they are categorised in the optical products which features with the magnification. With the aim to bring objects closer and clearer they work to innovative such products [...]

Celestron Ultima 65 – 45° Spotting Scope Review

Celestron Ultima 18-55x 65mm Refractor Spotting Scope from the maker of quality products who has in-depth know-how on magnification technology offers you years of excitement in observation. Suitable for most outdoor activities like sports, birding, nature, wildlife, hunting and so on it transforms the observation time as a pleasurable one with its comfort construction and [...]

Celestron Ultima 80 – 45° Spotting Scope

Celestron Refractor Ultima 80 – 45 Degree Spotting Scope Review For those who quest for observation beyond the reach of normal eye would generally opt for the magnification device and from the many forms of optical magnifying equipment these Spotting Scopes have also taken a prominent position. Perfect from a well-established manufacturer ‘Celestron‘ who has [...]