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Bresser Spektar 4325000 15-45×60 Spotting Scope

The highlight of Bresser Spektar 4325000 15-45×60 Spotting Scope is the optical technology, the design and the angled eye piece. It gives a zoom magnification and makes it possible to put it to use for both the celestial and the terrestrial observation. Bringing out its best in design, user friendly operation and handling comfort this model stands competitive in the current market. This is an intermediate level of usage which does a great deed of observation even in the low light conditions. The following review highlights more on its features and functional abilities.

Design Overview:

This model has a robust and durable structure which is made of aluminium and rubber composite design. This gives a complete protection to the parts inside the scope during the time of hits or drops. The housing has a green finish with the black accents. The rubber armouring gives a better grip for holding. It weighs comparatively less and also is portable in size which makes it easy to handle.

Bresser Spektar 4325000 15-45×60 Spotting Scope

Lens and Observation:

The lenses of Bresser Spektar 4325000 15-45×60 Water Proof Spotting Scope are fully multi-coated and they are competitive in performance. It goes well even during the low light conditions and so lets the observation continue even at the time of dawn and dusk. It is been designed with the porro prism.


This model gives out variable magnification which starts from 15x and goes up to 45x. It can be set based on the need of the user and the type of observation. It is also possible to gaze at the night sky for the star clusters and the planets. When set for the terrestrial observation the far off objects can be detailed with this model as it magnifies up to 60 times the original size which is the maximum.


The size of the objective lens is known as the aperture which is 60mm for this model. The higher it goes the brighter will be the viewing image as it lets more light enter the scope. When compared to the magnification the aperture is impressive and hence is the reason for it to deliver better viewing even in times of low light conditions.

Technical Details:

The field of view at the distance of 1000m is 49 – 24m based on the set magnification. It brings the near focus of approximately 5m which makes it great for observing moving objects like birds and animals. The Porro Prism engineering helps to bring out clearer and crisper viewing experience.


  • This model is light in weight and portable which makes it possible to use for travelling. The rubber armouring makes it water proof and also shock proof.
  • The eyepiece is angled which makes a professional observation as it gives better viewing for the set magnification.
  • The multi coated precision lenses talks more on quality for itself as it gives sharper and clearer images for observation.
  • It has an interesting eye relief which is adjustable from 18mm to 17mm. This brings extra comfort to the user wearing eye glasses.

On the whole, Bresser Spektar 4325000 15-45×60 Porro Prism Spotting Scope serves it best for the wild life enthusiasts and the night sky gazers. It also comes in a package which consists of a carry case and a tripod.


Manufacturer Bresser
Model Name 4325000 15-45×60 Spotting Scope
Dimensions 365 x 75 x 157mm
Prism Porro
Aperture 60mm
Magnification 15-45x
Aperture 50 mm
Eye piece Angled
Near focus 5m
Eye relief Adjustable 18-17mm
Applications Birding, hiking and general nature
Tripod bush Yes
Lens coating Fully multi-coated
Water proof Yes
Field of view @ 1000m 49-24m
Net weight 1100 grams
Accessories Utility bag
Celestron C70 Mini Mak Spotting Scope

Going by what the customers expect of the magnifying companies new products are at constant introduction. Celestron the leading brand brings in new turns at regular intervals each time with new product that pulls the market. Celestron C70 Mini Mak Compact 52238 Spotting Scope is another interesting idea of combining the compactness in structure yet with a competitive performance, more on it can be obtained in the following review.


This product is perfectly suitable for the people interested in sports, bird watching, wildlife, hunting, nature observers and even celestial observation. It brings pleasure with its compact engineering equipped with the Maksutov-Cassegrain lens, the rubber eyecups, zoom eyepiece, focus knob, slow motion control and tripod.

Type and Magnification:

Celestron C70 Mini Mak  Spotting Scope has been designed with the Maksutov-Cassegrain optics which is fully multi coated. It has an aperture which is the measure of the objective lens diameter of 70mm. This brings in the required zooming level which can be set from 25x up to 75x. This helps to bring to focus the viewing objects from 25 times to 75 times closer. The perfect combination of the magnification and aperture does helps to bring in more light into the device making it clearer and better for viewing.

Focusing and Photography:

This model can be put to use in simple steps. By rotating the zoom eyepiece the magnification level can be adjusted and increased up to 75x. The focus knob needs to be slowly rotated until the image is seen clear with sharpness. When the focus knob is turned clockwise the objects gets closer and when it is rotated anti-clockwise the even the distant objects as the magnification power is increased.

Being compatible with the photography it is possible to take pictures with the help of the digital camera. It comes with the universal digital camera adapter which helps to easily attach with the scope which makes it possible for photography.

Other Technical Details:

The angled eyepiece comes as an advantage for the professional observation. This product does show the focal length of 750mm which is the distance between the eyepiece and the lens. The angular field of view is 1.3 degree to 7.0 degree based on the set magnification. In case of eye relief it comforts the spectacle wearer as it accounts to be 22mm which is quite larger than the 15mm.

Another factor is that the near focus is also good which takes as close as 22mm hence making it easy to view the moving objects. The weight of Celestron C70 Mini Maksutov-Cassegrain 52238 Spotting Scope is 910 grams. The linear field of view at the distance of 1000 yards is 68 feet to 35 feet in the variable magnification levels.


This scope comes with a table tripod which brings in more stability for the viewers. It is just with the simple steps it can be installed. Once the tripod mounting platform is loosened by moving it to the right level and tightening with the desired height makes it all. It also comes with the central column surrounded by the tripod legs. The slow motion control and the central column tightening ring makes are easy to handle the device.


This product has a warranty for the period of 2 years. It is also been supplied with the soft carrying case by the manufacturer.

Specification Details:

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name C70 Mini Mak Compact 52238 Spotting Scope
Type / Category Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification 25-75 x
Focal length 750 mm
Control Built-in slow motion control
Aperture 70 mm
Eye piece zooms up to 90x
Optical coating Multicoated
Construction Mini, Portable
Optical tube length 279.4 mm
Weight 910 grams
Angular field of view 1.3 degree to 7 degree
Close focus 16 ft
Camera adaptable Yes
Water proof / Fog proof Yes
Warranty 24 months
Bresser Dachstein 4325000 20-60×80 Spotting Scope

Bresser Optics, the brand founded during 1957 seems to have worked in abundance with the loaded technology and specialisation which is today one of the largest in the globe. They innovate, build and distribute its products with global network and promising quality with assurance. Spotting scope is one of its product line which is designed based on the utility and different ability. This is a review about Bresser Dachstein 4325000 20-60×80 NG Zoom Spotting Scope which always gives an extra bit of information about this product.


This model takes an angled design which produces a quick progress in accuracy and clarity with much less effort. The highlight of Bresser Dachstein 4325000 20-60×80 Water Proof Spotting Scope is the robust structure so you do not have to worry about driving an outing along with this device. It is also made waterproof which keeps the outdoor observation without bothering the weather. The lens and the technical aspects are also as interesting as the structural design. The weight of this product is 4200 grams which proves to be a piece of attraction.

Optical Lens:

This model is designed with the Porro prism and the objective lens measures 80mm in diameter. The BaK-4 optical type is quite popular and highly acceptable for its performance. Along with these it features with ED optics which is for extra low dispersion. It gives perfect colour fidelity, the best sharpness and contrast levels. It serves the user with much satisfaction and hence has a long way to go for longer years.

Technical Details:

This model gives an impressive magnification level considering its aperture which is 80mm. This means the size of the objective lens and it works to bring in more light to makes the viewing image view brighter. The magnification ability is variable along with the zoom functions it gives minimum of 20x and is capable of going up to 60x. This serves a great purpose for general outdoor observation.

It is quite essential to note the field of view which determines the use of this device better. The field of view ranges from 30-12m based on the set magnification. With regard to the focus system it suggests 1:10.

Other Product Details:

The black colour housing is an attractive aspect and it is also noted that Bresser Dachstein 4325000 Porro Prism Spotting Scope has rubber armouring which gives utmost protection to the interior parts. This scope is also been protected against water and fog, this helps in prolonged observation without the interference of extreme weather conditions. The presence of tripod push means it is also possible to obtain hands free observation. Features like digi scoping, photography are not present in this model.

Overall it is a magnificent piece for the amateur observation which also proves better than the advanced binoculars. It suits for the general outdoor, hunting, sports and wildlife.

Specification Details

Manufacturer Bresser
Model Name Dachstein 20-60×80 NG Zoom Spotting Scope
Product Code 4325000
Weight 4200 grams
Prism Porro
Optical Type BaK-4
Magnification 20-60x
Aperture 80 mm
Eye piece Angled
Optical coating Fully multi coated
Focus system 1:10
Applications General outdoor
Tripod bush Yes
Rubber armouring Yes
Water proof Yes
Field of view @ 1000m 30-12m
Praktica 20-60x70S Spotting Scope

Praktica 20-60x70S Spotting Scope with Tripod is really equipped with impressive features it is too much fun to use it and has created a demand. Praktica although gives out products at a price that are normally expected by the consumer this product seems to do a better justification. It still might lack in few aspects that would make you wonder about the pick and let us see the product in detail in the following review.


This model is a high quality optical device which gives zooming observation. It is been accompanied with a tripod and has the eyepiece that is angled for better observation. Praktica has managed to bring out the most in this product and give it a better in the design and technical aspects which is a smudge of features that marks ahead of most other models. Praktica 20-60x70S  Angled Spotting Scope might stay back in the game of competition if it is not designed with the rubber armouring and the sliding hood along with the said technical which are been discussed as follows.

Design Details:

This model is an angled scope which is suitable for the experienced observation and has proven accuracy. The body has black colour finish and it does come with rubber armouring. It is been designed to give zooming observation. The weight of the product is 1244 grams which is not a job to carry it during observation hence is been provided with the tripod made of aluminium. The tripod is adjustable which extends up to 110cm and it is also featured to 3way tiltable head. With the support of this efficient tripod the observation can last long without any trouble.

Technical Aspects:

Being quiet sure that the technology is far more important than the appearance and the design. This telescope comes with the zooming magnification which can be set to the least of 20x and can be extended up to 60x based on the need of observation. This serves good for all types of observation.

The objective lens which dictates the light gathering ability of this scope measures 70mm in diameter which is known as the aperture of the model. The larger the aperture the brighter will be viewing image as more light is been transmitted into the device. The aperture is been supported with the exit pupil which is the small round present in the centre of the objective lens.

Focusing is another interesting and important aspect of such devices. The field of view of Praktica 20-60x70S Waterproof Spotting Scope is about 40m to 13m based on the magnification set and so the same goes for the angle of view which is minimum of 2.3degree to 0.75 degree. When in times of viewing moving objects the minimum focusing distance does matter a lot and this model gives the minimum focusing as 12m. More so the relative brightness is also determined based on the set magnification and it is minimum of 12.25 to 1.37. This product is both water proof and shock proof.

Package contents and Guarantee:

Tripod, carry case, lens caps, cleaning cloth are provided as accessories along with the guarantee for the period of 2 years which is provided by the manufacturer.

Praktica 20-60x70S Specifications

Manufacturer Praktica
Model Name 20-60x70S Spotting Scope
Type Angled
Aperture 70 mm
Magnification 20-60x zoom
Rubber armouring Yes
Weight 1244 grams
Optical coating Fully Multicoated
Relative brightness 12.25 – 1.37
Waterproof Yes
Nitrogen filled body Yes
Close focus 12m
Application Target shooting
Tripod compatibility Yes
Field of view 40-13m
Angle of view 2.3-0.75 degree
Package contents Tripod, case, lens caps, cleaning cloth
Guarantee 2 years
Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Spotting Scope

Celestron has been constantly introducing new products which make it popular both by brand name and the product wise. Most of its products have set the benchmark and they are categorised in the optical products which features with the magnification. With the aim to bring objects closer and clearer they work to innovative such products with the distinguished features. Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Angled Spotting Scope is one of the finest product which is been reviewed as follows.


There are few special aspects of the models in the series of Regal F-ED. They feature with the air spaced doublet which has an element made from exotic mineral fluorite. The fluorite gives extra low dispersion and hence it provided with great colour correction and also the images are transformed razor sharp. It suits the natural environment and proves to assist best for the outdoor enthusiast. Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Water Proof Spotting Scope has these privileges and much more to discuss.

Type and Design:

This model has grey colour housing with the matte finish. The eye piece is angled and is good for the professional observation. The size is portable with the length of the optical tube as 508mm. This model is been designed with the Refractor type in which lenses are used to support magnification. The prism type is BaK-4 which supports the device in giving the magnification.

Technical Details:

Magnification – The set magnification is variable which can be from 22x to 67x. The highest useful magnification and the lowest useful magnification re 236x and 14x respectively. This magnification can be increased with the help of a powerful eyepiece. This works best for nature observation and also astronomical use.

Aperture – Based on the size of the objective lens the clarity and the brightness of the device. This model measures 100mm as the diameter of the objective lens. The long distance viewing and the observation of planets, the lunar and the star clusters can be viewed with a competitive clarity.

Focal length and Ratio – This device with the focal length of 540mm not only gives the frame for the device as it dictates the length but also supports the magnification aspect. The focal ratio is 5.4.

Other Technical Details:

This model allows the close observation up to 26 feet and hence it makes it suitable for the observation of the moving objects. The light gathering power features with 204x ad the field of view at the distance of 1000m is 108 feet. The eye relief of this model is been accounted to be 20mm which is on the higher side and it gives greater comfort for the users with the eye glasses.

Product Features:

Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Refractor Spotting Scope is been designed with the fully multi coated optics which offer high contrast level. It does come with the angled eyepiece makes it suitable for the zoom observation and the professional handling. The optional eyepiece can be easily attracted for the enhanced magnification effect.

This device is been protected against water and show with its rubber armouring. It is making with the water proof body. The focus system is with the dual knob which sets the sharp and clear focus. The eye cups are designed with the twist up style which is great for the use with or without the eye glasses.

Application, Package and Warranty:

This model suits for wide application like Bird watching, long distance viewing, astronomical observation and nature viewing. It comes in a package which includes a soft carrying case. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is for a no fault life time warranty.

Celestron Regal 100 F-ED Specifications

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name Regal 100 F-ED Spotting Scope
Product Code 52303
Design Refractor
Magnification 22x – 67x
Aperture 100 mm
Prism BaK-4
Focal length 540 mm
Eyepiece Angled
Eye relief 20mm
Near focus 26 feet
Optical tube length 20 inches
Optical coating Multi coated
Weight 2523 grams
Application Bird watching, long distance viewing, astronomical
observation and nature viewing
Warranty Life time